USED EDIBLE OILS - Solution to your needs

Conserving container for used edible oils, handling and transfer of used edible oils.

Thanks to our products, we bring you financial gain, better safety conditions, ergonomics for you team,
cleanliness and hygiene for your restaurant.


  • Save on the cost of the collection and a traceability system
  • Time saving
  • Optimise the recycling of used edible oils


  • No contact with hot oil
  • Avoid flammability in case of fire
  • Equipment has undergone extensive testing beyond regulatory constraints
  • Reduces the risk of accidents


  • Minimalise unpleasant operations
  • reduce storage volume
  • minimum effort needed to handle


  • Sealed storage and anti odour filters
  • Prevent overflow during the various manipulations
  • Collection performed by a simple pump

Products can be custom designed for different volume and space conditions.
Remote controlled system for the heater and to monitor designed to meet your specific needs.