PRESENTATION - Turnkey Solution

From the design to installation, Serveco has developed a range of dehydration solutions using a drying thermo “Daisy” to dispose of your biowaste and designed oils vacuums to transfer your used oils.

Serveco has skills in manufacturing and large volume distribution, installation and management in turnkey projects taking into account the needs of novice users and those of general management.

SERVECO provides Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Installation and Maintenance, Remote Assistance and Remote Management Projects.

Our PROJECT LEADERS are here for you

Our engineering team at Serveco, have dual expertise in ergonomics, health and safety and working conditions also the management of specialized fields.

Your sole point of contact is with the engineer - project manager, we can :

  • Advise you on our full range of products

  • Our research department and research centre are at your disposal

  • Effectively install all systems to your specific needs

  • Coordinate manufacturing, logistics, distribution and/or installation

  • Offer additional services needed to complete your project